Naruto road to ninja rant

Movie was fine until the ending. First off I don’t care if you’re fighting an evil Naruto, the Akatsuki came to help you. I mean all of them!! Itachi and Pain were there pretty sure you could of used them rather than have Itachi babysit Sakura and have Pain dick around in the woods. Even Obito leaves when he saw Itachi so utilize the S rank Ninja who actually came to help you.

Also why was there no Orochimaru? Would have been cool to see him happy and less creepy


Of course it’s not over yet!!!!!

Because we have the real real real real real villain.

Honestly I can’t wait to see Sasuke get his ass kicked, I hate him. But I bet when he’s defeated Orochimaru will reveal some secret plan

Early birthday present from past-Brandon. He knows just what I like

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Oh my gawd my #birthday is tomorrow. Time for me to transform into my #potato form

It’s been 20 years…….

I feel like an oldman