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How I think the rest of Naturo will now play out *sarcasm*

We will get 200000000000000 chapters of a fight with Black Zetsu, who will somehow discover a way to transfer all of our heroes into the infinite yabba dabbah. Once our heroes fight and defeat him Kishimoto will announce an entirely new series. In this Series Naruto and co must travel across the wasteland of the world to defeat Kaguya the Bunny goddess which will take 10,000000000000000000 chapters, but at the last minute the real villain shall emerge. The Budokai Komura Tenchi! Who is the banished god of the realm of darkness who will destroy Naruto, our heroes will then have to travel into the realm in infinitive saddness to resurrect him, which of course will take 50,000 chapters. Then when Naruto is released he discovers that Kaguya has merged with the Budokai Komura Tenchi and is actually his mother!

Then in a shocking twist Madara returns! Using the power of the orange soul he will merge with Kaguya and ever single villain EVER!!!!!  becoming the god of universe, the series will end with Naruto learning the cosmic buddah-jitsu which will take 300 chapters, and then he will punch him with the power of love. Then a new series with new generation will begin!

And Naruto will never end! 


artificialnighthabits said: I rebbloged a post about Evangelion appearing on a movie I love "One hour photo" ♥ I don't know...I just wanted to share my feelings about it. I love it. Evangelion and the movie. Yeah♥

Both are excellent! I love how Willaims is an actual Eva fan 

In Naruto

The main villain (Orochimaru) turned out to not be the main villain. Turns out the main villain was (Pain) who actually wasn’t the real villain (it was Nagato) who turned out not to be the main villain. It was actually the idiot (Tobi) who turned out not to be an idiot and was the real threat of the series (Obito) who turned out to not be the main villain but was a servant to the real villain (Madara) who just recently was betrayed the real main villain (Black Zetsu) who turns out to be the servant of the actual real real real villain who we haven’t seen yet (Kaguya)

Kishimoto, stop beating your series with a dead horse, it needs to end. I swear we’ve had a final battle in this arc like ten times already. 


All done my #workout I’ll be a strong boy like #polkaroo


The art in #devazan is simply amazing. So sad I’m almost done reading this epic #book from #finalfantasy artist #yoshitakaamano

The artwork in this #book is amazing. It’s Amano, its to be expected

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#Godzilla on Friday, so you know what that means. Got to watch the classic #gojira #movie

Happy Mothers Day